It feels so long since I’ve updated my blog with my TMA results. My last one was just before Christmas and as most of you will understand that is a busy time for all of us.

After a very eventful 2011 I still stand behind what I’ve said from the start that Train2Game has had such an impact on my life. This year is going to be no different.

Every day life has involved games somehow or other. The funny thing is it’s not the playing games that seems to be filling my time up, It’s learning more and more about them to tune my skills and find out where my strengths lies within this industry.

I have been joining different Betas online, I’m hoping this is how I can start to practice on the feedback side of been a QA Tester due to English being my biggest weakness.

Well as for my latest TMA mark I’m very happy to say I achieved 100%. I’m very happy with the way my course is going and very much looking forward to a new year with Train2Game.




About T2G Student Daniel

I am a Train2Game Student!

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